11 Main Pros and Cons of Transom Window | Function and Cost of Transom Window

11 Main Pros and Cons of Transom Window | Function and Cost of Transom Window

Pros and Cons of Transom Window | Function and Cost of Transom Window

Transom Window

A transom window is a type of window that typically spans the top of a door. Transom windows are often found in older buildings where they were used for natural ventilation, but they can also be found in newer construction

The term transom window comes from the word transom, which means ‘a cross beam lying over the top of a door or window’ (derived from the Latin words trans meaning “across” and sumere meaning “to take”).

A transom window is typically one that spans across the top of an exterior door or window; sometimes, interior doors or windows are also fitted with this type of window.

It is worth noting that in some cases, the term ‘transom’ is also applied to a window that spans across a ceiling, or a window that spans across a larger opening, such as a transom over the door leading from the dining room to the kitchen.

In most cases, transom windows are installed near the top of exterior doors for decorative effect.

In older homes with wide hallways and high ceilings, they were put in place to allow ventilation. In these situations, transoms were often installed above interior doors as well as exterior ones.

As mentioned, the transom window, which is usually situated over the front entrance or another window, provides a decorative purpose to bring character to your home.

They are available in a variety of window designs, such as a row of small transparent squares or a semi-circle created by numerous triangular slices.

By providing a focal point over the main door of the property, this design may improve curb appeal.

They may also be used to add elegance to interior walls and to convey light from one area to another.

The price varies greatly based on the operation and size of the window. A non-operable transom window, on the other hand, will set you back at least $150.

A window with one-of-a-kind ornamental accents and that opens will raise the price.

Pros and Cons of Transom Window

Pros of Transom Window

1. Natural lighting

It is a great way to increase natural lighting in a room. It makes the room look wider and brighter.


Sometimes, you do not want the light from the outside to enter your bedroom. This is why you can use transom windows as a way to make it seem like your bedroom is completely secluded.

3. Affordable:

It is not as expensive as others types of windows such as casement windows and French doors; it also does not require much maintenance, and it can be cleaned very easily.

4. Accent Windows:

They have a very elegant look. It makes a room look more spacious and luxurious.

5. Aesthetically pleasing:

They are not just functional; they can also enhance the beauty of your room.

6. Energy efficient:

As compared to other windows, it is more energy efficient because it allows airflow throughout your room.

7. Easy to operate:

They are very easy to operate. You just need to open or close them using a rod or rope.

It is better than other windows because it can be opened by pulling out one screw! It is so easy to do and there is no handle to squeeze, pull or pull up.

Cons of Transom Window

1. Hard to clean:

It is hard to clean. You have to use a special kind of cloth or wet the area using a spray. If you do not, it can cause problems such as mold and mildew.

2. Maintenance:

It needs very little maintenance, but it does require regular care such as dusting and vacuuming. It is also advisable that you check the transom window for cracks and holes before you purchase it.

3.  Not ideal for every room:

This is not the best choice for every room. It is great for big barrel-vaulted ceilings but will not look good on small ones.

They are not recommended for every room in the house; you need to know how to properly use them before choosing them for your space.

4. Radiant heat:

Depending on how the windows are made, this may be a benefit or a drawback. If they lack coverings to decrease solar heat gain, the space may feel hot and stuffy since there is no way for the heated air to escape.

5. No ventilation:

Because transom windows are often fixed and do not open and close, they do not provide natural ventilation.

Transom Window FAQs

What is the Purpose of a Transom Window?

The function of a transom window spans back to the days when air conditioning was introduced.

Transom windows were used to enable air from the outside to the inside, as well as from room to room within residences or businesses—yes, transom windows may be put on both interior and exterior walls

Because transom windows are often high in the air, they permitted a door or window beneath to remain closed, preserving privacy and security.

The windows were controlled by metal rods on hinges that could be opened and closed from the ground level.

Are transom windows worth it?

Transom windows can be great additions to homes and businesses and can add value to the property.

Transom windows are a low maintenance, high-performing alternative to standard windows, and they achieve an attractive style by including a ceiling top design.

They used to be installed for use and function more than they are now, but they may still be highly effective, even if they are mostly viewed as aesthetic.

Classier design homes with large rooms and entryways can truly show off the abundance of natural light that Transom windows provide.

Are transom windows expensive?

transom window prices vary greatly depending on the size, shape, manufacturer, and other factors. They are also more expensive for commercial buildings than for residential buildings.

Many people are surprised to find out that transom windows are not expensive but will depend on the design. More complex designs are costly to buy and install.

A transom window’s beautiful aesthetic is often enough to get people to buy them over smaller, cheaper windows.

Transom windows are similar to skylights, but they are much more affordable.

They can provide better lighting in interior rooms and reduce energy costs.

How much does transom windows cost?

Transom windows typically cost between $200 and $600 per window set.

Because transom windows are frequently built at the same time as new doors, window replacement is more typical than installing new transom windows alone.

What sizes do transom windows come in?

The sizes of transom windows can vary, depending on manufacturing standards.

Typically, they are about the same size as the window frames around them; however, they are usually wider than windows that do not have transoms.

You may have a rectangle, square, circular, or arched transom window – widths ranging from 20” to 72” in width and 6” to more than 15” in height – although this varies significantly on custom-made and builder homes.

How big is a standard transom window?

The standard size of a typical transom window is 12 inches height by 44 inches width —and they can be larger or smaller than that.

When comparing one size to another, it is important to note the height.

What are the advantages of a Transom Window?

Transom windows are a great way to increase natural light and airflow into a room. Thanks to the height of the window, they also provide a gorgeous view of the outdoors as well as an increased sense of openness.

A transom is a window that is in the shape of an arch. This window usually is centered in the top of the door and is the perfect complement for any doorway.

A transom window can create a great amount of light in a room, highlighting it in a subtle way. It also is perfect for ventilating air in the room.

The beauty of the transom window is that it is very easy to clean because of its shape.

If it contained to being just a plain window, it would still be relatively easy to clean because its shape would be rectangular which allows for more surface area for dust to be cleaned off.

Should you put blinds on transom windows?

Most of the time, you can definitely put blinds on transom windows. While they do not have the same functionality as blinds, they are still great for covering up the transom.

They also create a great look for the interior of the home or business because it gives it a touch of class.

Blinds can be a convenient option for interior rooms, but they’re hardly necessary for an exterior transom.

Why do old houses have windows above doors?

The original purpose of a transom window was to allow air into a room, but it also had other purposes.

In older homes, a transom window may have been used as a way to keep the sun out during the summer and keep it in during the winter.

In newer homes, many people have installed fan lights within bathrooms for this purpose.

Transom windows are the glass panels that hang above doors in older homes, particularly those designed in the Mission or Arts & Crafts styles.

Before electricity, they let in natural light into front halls and inner rooms, and they circulated air even when doors were closed for privacy.

How high should transom windows be?

The height range, on the other hand, is significantly more varied.

A transom window’s casing is typically 2-15 inches high above the door or window, although it can start as little as 1 inch and extend up to many feet in height.

Are transom windows operable?

Transom windows are fixed or operable windows that are installed above an existing window or door.

They are positioned above the crosspiece that divides the door or lower window from the frame.

Most transom windows are considered to be fixed. Because they are located high off the ground, if operable, they are typically opened by means of a rod that is able to swing open or shut.

This is much different than a typical window, which would have inside mechanisms for opening and closing the window.

Do transom windows add value?

Transom windows add value to a home because they will make the house appear more appealing and unique.

When someone is looking for a home, he or she will be attracted to properties with transom windows rather than homes without them.

This is especially true in the older homes that frequently have these types of windows because it gives them a unique and old-fashioned appeal.

Are transom windows out of style?

Transom windows are not currently in style. They were once all the rage in the 1920s and 30s.

People still like to use them, but they are used more for decoration than they were in the past.

This is not to say that transom windows are unusable or will never be used again. When the style makes a comeback, people may start to see them frequently again.

Should you cover transom windows?

Transom windows are made of glass that allows natural light and breeze to enter your area. However, when you want total inside darkness and seclusion, interior designers usually recommend covering the transom windows.

Covering transom windows is not recommended unless the transom window is in a bathroom.

If it is used in a bedroom or other similar room, sometimes, it can be useful to cover the transom window.

Depending on the area where it will be placed, when covered, they can allow more privacy when someone enters the room.

What is the difference between a transom window and a clerestory window?

Transom windows and clerestory windows have a lot of similarities. They are both just openings in a building that allow sunlight to come into a room.

They both have the same general shape as well as many standard heights as well as just as many standard widths.

However, there is one very big difference between transom windows and clerestory windows: the structure of the window itself.

Transom windows are typically on top of a door or another window, so they do not have a lot of structure around them.

Whereas clerestory windows are generally small windows located at or above the roofline in an interior living area.

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