Should My Blinds Match My Window Trim?

Should My Blinds Match My Window Trim?

Should My Blinds Match My Window Trim?

Yes. And, because most blinds are installed inside the trim, they should generally match or be slightly darker than the trim. If you have white blinds or window treatments, wood blinds will look darker, but they will not necessarily darken the room unless all of the walls are also dark.

White blinds or white window treatments will lighten the room. On the other hand, art and other items in the room can provide a visual contrast if they are darker than the blinds or window treatments.

If you have a formal dining room and you want to create a special effect for an occasion, consider using decorative valances with your drapes instead of using blinds. The drapes can be removed after the event and stowed until it’s time for the next one. If you do use blinds, it’s a good idea to have a backup plan in case they are damaged, worn out, or broken.

Hanging curtains and valances inside wood blinds also contributes to a finished look. To secure each curtain rod or valance, screw in decorative plates and hang them below the blinds, so they will be out of sight.

If you have a window that is not rectangular, such as one with an arch or louver shape, you will need to buy custom blinds. Custom blinds are made specifically for the size of your window and its particular shape. This allows you to choose the exact length and width of your window.

If you want privacy and you need to keep the light out, consider making blackout blinds. Blocking out all of the outside lights is one of the easiest ways to block out unwanted visitors from entering your home. There are several different types of blackout blinds available for purchase and installation, depending on your needs.

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