Steel Structure Vs Concrete Structure | Is Structural Steel Stronger Than Concrete? 

Steel Structure Vs Concrete Structure | Is Structural Steel Stronger Than Concrete? 

Steel Structure Vs Concrete Structure | Is Structural Steel Stronger Than Concrete? 

Steel Structure Vs Concrete Structure | Is Structural Steel Stronger Than Concrete?

Steel Structure Vs Concrete Structure

Here we compare concrete structure with the steel frame structure and what are the qualities of the concrete structure  as compared steel frame structure.

What Is A Steel Frame Structure?

A Steel structure is a structure that is made up of steel frames and members. Steel members, panels, or frames are used for making this structure and the entire building. It comprises steel members, steel frames, and steel panels, known as a steel frame structure.

Is Structural Steel Stronger Than Concrete? 

In terms of strength, structural steel frames are extremely tough, strong, stiff, and ductile, therefore making it one of the emerging building materials used in industrial and commercial building and construction. Steel Structures are stronger than Concrete, which is a mixed material consisting of sand, cement, graveland water.

Again, thesSteel structure is more resistant to earthquakes and wind. This is because the steel frame structure has greater tensile strength as compared to concrete structures.

The concrete structure is not very flexible and does not have much resistance to seismic forces as compared to the steel frame structure, resistant to earthquakes and wind.

These earthquakes and wind can have damaged these concrete structures, but not much damage to steel frame structure—areas where earthquakes and strong winds, steel frame structure are preferable.

Cantilever Bridges


Is The Steel Structure Cheaper Than Concrete?

Steel Structures are more economical than RCC concrete. This is because the large steel suppliers market comes from steel recycling, therefore making steel much cheaper than other materials. Besides, steel being lightweight makes transportation, delivery easier, and cheaper labor cost due to easier handling and faster installation.

Some studies show that standard Steel Structures framing structures costs between 5% to 7% less than reinforced concrete structures.

Steel Frame Construction & RCC Concrete Construction

Steel Structural members are fabricated off-site, while reinforced concrete components are mostly cast-in-situ. Therefore, Steel frame Structures have a key advantage compared to concrete structures because the design and fabrication of different steel structural members can be done simultaneously. In contrast, concrete components are cast step by step and sometimes with up to 4 weeks of concrete curing period after another.

Additionally, because Steel frame Structures are relatively lightweight, steel buildings with steel frame structures require smaller foundations than reinforced concrete structures.

In case of modifications when necessary, simple removal of steel structure member is way more possible than demolishing the entire reinforced concrete member.

Steel Frame Design Details vs. Steel Frame Design Details

The load-carrying capacity of steel structures is quite high compare to that of a concrete structure. Structural steel can support almost any design in mind. Stone, wood, and other materials can be incorporated into the structure with ease.

Steel Structures can support a wide range of loads such as Parapet walls, Hangar Doors, Heavy-duty cranes, etc.


Steel vs. Concrete Sustainability & Environmental Impact

Because almost 90% of all Steel materials in the market supply currently is made from recycling, it contributes to a sustainable environment. Steel materials can be recycled many times without losing their properties and strength.

The Steel manufacturing industry has maintained greenhouse gases below allowable manufacturing levels and still getting better.

On the other hand, concrete ingredients are natural to our environment, meaning they are not harmful to our world. Concrete is primarily made from sand and stone, and once concrete mix and concrete blocks are constructed, they cannot be recycled or reused.


Steel Structures Vs. Concrete Structures Summary

Concrete structuring is a conventionally used material for buildings and construction, but steel is currently gaining popularity and momentum for its flexibility, lightweight, cost element, and reduced construction time. However, steel structures need corrosion and fire protection, whereas, within the concrete, this is inherent. Prefabrication of steel can allow thin film intumescent coatings to be applied off-site.



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