What Does It Mean When A Dove Sits On Your Window Sill?

What Does It Mean When A Dove Sits On Your Window Sill?

What Does It Mean When A Dove Sits On Your Window Sill?

Doves on your window sill represent peace, love, and prosperity. Few know what a feathered encounter can bring. A dove on your window sill can mean that you are about to make a huge change in your life. It could mean that you will soon be more relaxed, feel more at peace, and make a lot of money.

Also, a dove on your window sill could mean that you will soon have a friend that you can trust. In addition, the dove on your window sill could mean that you soon be together with your true love, who will help and guide you all the way to the ultimate success.

The dove can find somewhere to nest around your window sill. Because most windowsills are in the shade, birds see them as a safe place for building a nest for their young. It is also easy to conceal their nest from predators as the sill is usually blocked from view by curtains or blinds.

They avoid building nests on flat surfaces like cars because it is easier for predators to reach them there and attack their young. If you have seen a bird landing on your window sill, it probably needs breeding and nesting places with an adequate supply of food nearby to lay eggs and rear its chicks.

How Do I Keep Squirrels Off My Window Sill?

Don’t feed them! Make your windows less appealing by removing anything they might find tasty like birdseed and other pet food left out overnight in a backyard.

 Other methods are:

  1. Remove and store windowsill food.
  2. Apply a window repellent.
  3. Call your city or county about squirrel trapping and relocation.
  4. Get a humane trap.
  5. New, shiny traps should be covered with leaves and dirt to reduce glare.
  6. Place traps out at night near the squirrels’ active areas and baits them with dried fruit or nuts.
  7. Trap squirrels by baiting them with peanut butter, nuts, or dried fruit in a cage trap.
  8. Once you’ve caught the squirrel, release it in an area where there are no homes or buildings nearby.
  9. Consider using netting over your window sills to prevent these animals from getting inside your home or business through the windows!

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