Why Does My Cat Sleep On The Window Sill?

Why Does My Cat Sleep On The Window Sill?

Why Does My Cat Sleep On The Window Sill?

One of the reasons cats may sleep on windowsills is that they enjoy the direct sunlight and fresh air. Sleeping on a window sill also allows cats to keep an eye on what’s going on outside, as well as make quick escapes in case they need to.

They take pleasure in staring out the window. These creatures are crepuscular, meaning they are active both during the day and at night. When everyone is sleeping or you are not at home, they can keep themselves entertained by looking outside.

Your pet detects unfamiliar scents when your casement windows are open in the summer. They could see a squirrel, a bird, or even another cat. And these exotic aromas remind the animals of their mother’s home and there is nothing more comforting for an animal than to smell familiar smells.

Cats are very quiet creatures during the day so this behavior is quite a big surprise for many people especially when they wake up in the morning because of the loud noises brought by their owners.

It is probable that cats are born with this innate instinct to sleep under window sills because they were once wild animals and they just try to recreate those pleasant memories in their own house.

In the wild, cats would sleep on the ledges of rocks. Over time they gradually got used to sleeping on window sills because it gives them the same feeling of security they get from sleeping in caves.

Another reason why your pet may sleep on the window sill is that they feel like they are part of the family when they are near you while other pets are smaller so they fall below their line of sight this behavior helps calm them down.

Cats love to feel that they belong and are part of something and you can be assured that your cat will find a way to become an active member of your household no matter how small he or she is.

How Do You Cut Wallpaper Around A Window Sill?

  1. If you are cutting a large piece of wallpaper and you don’t want to do the whole thing yourself, then it is suggested that you either make use of somebody else’s help or hire a professional service.
  2. Make sure that you have the right tools for the job before starting so that no mistakes will be made.
  3. To start, use either a knife or a scribe to mark approximately where you want the window sill to be located in the room, and make sure that this new location completely covers your old one if it hasn’t already been removed.
  4. From here, take the measurements of the vertical and horizontal distances before cutting these pieces of wallpaper, and make sure to mark them on tape for easy reference.
  5. With each cut made, paste-up two narrow strips on either side of your window sill to make certain that there will be no bubbles or air pockets in your design.
  6. At this time, you can choose to either have the final piece border fall directly onto the face of the wall or frame it with moldings.
  7. Once done, you may then highlight it by adding some borders or even more designs if you like; this is entirely optional though so consider it carefully before making a final decision.
  8. Once finished, you should then decide on what sort of finishing touches you want to add to your window sill design such as borders, whether or not to frame it with moldings, and so on. Use your own imagination and creativity when you are putting the finishing touches on your design and try not to limit yourself in any way.

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