What Is A Bargeboard On A House?

What Is A Bargeboard On A House?

What Is A Bargeboard On A House?

A bargeboard or rake fascia is a board attached to the gable of a roof for reinforcement and protection, and to hide the exposed end grain of the horizontal timbers or purlins.

Historically, bargeboards were often decorated with molding or carving and had intricate designs along the lower edges.

In modern residential construction, rake fascias are typically made of 2-by lumber and may have trim added for decoration and weatherproofing.

A bargeboard is a decorative feature found on many residential and commercial buildings. It is typically made of wood or metal, and covers the gap between a building’s gable end and the roof fascia, protecting it from weather damage.

Bargeboards can add an attractive architectural accent to any structure, helping to create a unique look for each building. They also offer additional protection for windows, doors, and other structural openings that may be present in the gable end.

Uses Of A Bargeboard

Bargeboard, also known as eaves board or soffit, are an important part of roofing construction which provide a neat finish to the roof line. Their uses range from protecting the fascia boards and rafters from weather damage to providing additional insulation for energy efficiency.

Bargeboards are a great addition to roofs, both for aesthetic value and protection from the elements. Installing bargeboard will help keep your roof lining dry and free of any gaps or holes around the edges of your roofing, as well as adding a great look and character to the property.

They are especially popular on Victorian and Edwardian-era buildings but with their variety of designs they can be used on many different types of buildings, bringing style while also providing important protection from dampness, strong winds, rain and snow.

Types Of Bargeboards

Bargeboards come in a variety of styles and materials to suit different needs. Bargeboards are a versatile building component that can be used to enhance the aesthetic beauty of any property.

They can be manufactured in a wide range of materials, including metal, timber, plastic and uPVC, offering plenty of choice to suit all requirements.

Moreover, their attractive appearance is further enhanced by their ability to be painted or coated in virtually any colour; this means they can match most styles and themes without compromising on the desired look.

What’s more, bargeboards have demonstrated great durability against the elements and make an effective sealant against draughts; making them both an aesthetically pleasing addition to your home and one that is efficient at preserving its essential features.



Advantages Of A Bargeboard

A bargeboard is a great construction option for many homeowners due to its numerous advantages. Bargeboards are a great addition to any property because they provide both a functional and aesthetic benefit.

The major functional benefit of installing bargeboards is that they will keep the roof lining dry and free of any gaps or holes around the edges of your roofing. This ensures that the roof remains secure, safe and dry all year round.

On an aesthetic level, bargeboards add character to your property’s roofline, adding greater visual interest and affect to your home. Overall, with long-lasting protection against the elements plus a stylish look, bargeboards are an excellent choice for anyone looking to enhance their property’s exterior.

Installation And Maintenance Requirements

When considering installing a bargeboard, it is important to consider the maintenance and installation requirements. Proper installation should be done by a professional contractor and is best done when there are dry conditions, as any moisture can damage the bargeboard.

Additionally, it should not be installed in areas that have strong winds or other weather conditions that could take their toll on the material.

Maintenance should include regular cleaning of dirt and debris, as well as occasional painting or staining of the board to keep it looking fresh.

Can Bargeboards Be Replaced?

Replacing bargeboards can be a necessary task if they appear damaged, old or worn. In addition to replacing the bargeboard, it may also be necessary to replace the tiles that are cemented in place and attached to it – this depends on the condition of the fascia board and roof timber underneath.

To ensure safety while carrying out this work, it is recommended that a scaffold tower should be used.

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