What is A Breezeway in a House

What is A Breezeway in a House

What is A Breezeway in a House

A breezeway is a type of architectural feature that is similar to a hallway, but allows the passage of air between buildings. It is typically used to accommodate high winds, provide ventilation, or add aesthetic variation.

Breezeways are intended for pedestrian use and can take various forms, such as a simple roof connecting two structures or a more elaborate tunnel with windows on either side. They are sometimes found between the wings of a larger building, and are not typically heated or cooled.

The design for one of the earliest known breezeways was created by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1900 for the B. Harley Bradley House in Illinois. Breezeways have also been used for restaurants and have been used in vernacular architecture as early as double log cabins.

A side-deck is another term for breezeway and it is the upper deck outboard of any structure like coachroof or doghouse.

Uses And Benefits Of Breezeways

A breezeway serves as a connecting passage between a home and garage or an extra building, but it also has other benefits such as providing extra storage space, being a decorative feature, serving as a substitute mudroom, being a good location for a hot tub, and creating a supplemental porch.

The storage space can be used to keep garden and lawn tools, and the decorative feature can be paved with brick or stone and have attractive pillars or support columns.

It can also be used as a mudroom for dirty shoes and outdoor clothing, a location for a hot tub, and a protected and breezy relaxation spot with screens attached to either end.

How Is a Breezeway Constructed?

The construction of a breezeway depends on the current layout of your property. If the area between your garage and side entrance is already paved or covered in patio stones, you can simply build a roof over it.

If not, you can create a wooden frame with posts installed into the ground or deck piers to serve as a foundation. You can then cover the wood frame with plywood and choose a flooring that can withstand exposure, such as ceramic or stone tile.

Using porch pillars, wood trusses and shingles that match your existing roof will also help create a cohesive look for your breezeway.

What Are The Elements Of A Well Designed Breezeway

To create a functional storage area in your breezeway, utilize wall space with shelving or build a closet or standalone shelves, use racks, hooks, and other storage methods, and incorporate a wall in the corner of the breezeway by framing it with 2x4s and covering it with plywood and stucco.

Add electrical outlets and lighting, including exterior grade GFI outlets and switches, and consider how your family will use the space and include elements that will make it more convenient and appealing. Trim the roof fascia and add decorative pillars for character and charm.


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