What Is A Lockset?

What Is A Lockset?

What Is A Lockset?

A lockset is a locking mechanism consisting of various hardware components, found in doors or other hinged objects, including sliding doors and dividers.

These components can include door handles, latch bolt, dead bolt, face plate, strike plate, escutcheon, thumbturn, push button, turn button and other trim pieces.

The lockset and related hardware determine the door’s function and how access is granted or restricted to the two adjacent areas surrounding the door.

How Do You Know Which Type Of Lockset Is Right For You?

When shopping for locks, many people use terms like “regular” or “standard” but these terms are not used by manufacturers, making it difficult for consumers to know what they need.

Here’s a guide to common lock functions to help you make an informed decision:

  • Entry Lockset: This is the most common type of lock found in homes and offices, with a small button inside the knob/lever to manually lock the door.
  • Storeroom Lockset: Always locked and requires a key for entry, ideal for commercial use in supply closets.
  • Classroom Lockset: Designed for use in classrooms, does not have a button on the inside but can be unlocked or locked with a key.
  • Privacy Lockset: Primarily used in bathrooms and bedrooms for privacy, with a small hole on the outside that can be opened with a pin or paperclip, not intended as a main locking device.
  • Passage Lockset: This lock doesn’t actually lock, it just keeps the door latched, commonly found on closets and doors that don’t need to be locked.

What Is Included In A Lockset?

Locksets are made up of components that allow for the installation of a lock on a door. They can contain different locking mechanisms and typically consist of a latch, case, cylinder, tang, and screws.

The latch is a type of fastener for the lock, often a small knob or deadbolt on the door that can be turned or pushed to lock or unlock the door.

The case is the housing for the latch or the casing around the key slot. The cylinder is where the key is inserted and is cylindrical in shape, recessed in the door.

The tang connects the cylinder to the latch case and is a metal bar located between the latch case and the door. The lock, strike plate, and cylinder are attached to the door using screws.

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