What Is A Wall Niche in Constructions?

What Is A Wall Niche in Constructions?

What Is A Wall Niche in Constructions?

A wall niche is a structural component that is built into a wall and usually serves as a decorative shelf or display space.

It is typically either recessed into the wall or flush, similar to the look of a built-in bookcase. Wall niches can be made of any material and they are often framed with molding to highlight their distinct presence within the space.

Wall niches can come in many shapes and sizes and can be used in both residential and commercial settings to increase storage space, accent decorations, or provide an architectural element.

How Deep Is A Wall Niche?

A wall niche can vary in depth depending on its purpose and the available space. In general, a wall niche should be at least 3-4 inches deep to accommodate decorative items such as artwork, plants or figurines.

For a functional niche like a storage area or cubby, it is best to make the depth between 8-12 inches so that items can be easily stored and retrieved.

It is important to consider the type of items you will be storing before deciding on the exact depth of your wall niche.

How Do You Build A Wall Niche?

To build a wall niche,

  • You must start by measuring the space and creating a frame.
  • Cut your timber to size, making sure it’s square and true before screwing into place.
  • Add drywall panels over the frame and secure them in place, then use a joint compound to cover all of the seams.
  • Tape off any edges that may need it and sand down any excess compound with medium-grit sandpaper before applying two coats of paint.
  • Install electrical wiring for light fixtures if desired, then install cleats on the back of the niche to support shelves or artwork as needed.
  • Finally, finish off with crown molding at the top edge of your wall niche if you would like.

What Do You Put Inside A Wall Niche?

A wall niche is a great way to add dimension and character to a room, and what you put inside it can be varied – anything from books and plants to candles or decorative pieces.

You could fill the niche with artwork including photo frames, sculptures, paintings and prints, as well as display items like vases, jars or bottles.

If practicality’s more your thing then why not use it for storage – towels in the bathroom, small kitchen appliances like blenders or juicers in the kitchen.

Alternatively you could make it into an ambient feature such as a mini shrine full of crystals and scented candles.

How Do You Frame A Wall With A Niche?

Framing a wall with a niche involves measuring the area of the wall, determining where to place the niche, making the necessary cuts for each stud to fit around and within it, then nailing or screwing in the studs.

After that, cut wood boards for each side of the niche and attach them with nails/screws. Measure, cut and install drywall over each side of the opening to create walls within a larger wall.

Fill any gaps between edge of drywall and outside frame with joint compound before sanding it down; finally paint or put up wallpaper as desired.

How Do You Waterproof A Niche?

To waterproof a niche,

  • You must first seal any cracks or gaps in the walls and corners of the niche.
  • Use a paintable caulk such as silicone to fill in any large gap and then cover with a coat of masonry paint.
  • Make sure to use an acrylic-based sealant that is UV-resistant and made specifically for outdoor use.
  • Additionally, use primer on unpainted surfaces before applying any additional coats of paint.
  • To fully ensure waterproofing, add a water barrier membrane over the interior surfaces of the niche.

This membrane should be sprayed or rolled on after sealing and painting the walls of your niche before covering it with finish stones or tiles.

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