What Is Aquapel Window Treatment?

What Is Aquapel Window Treatment?

What Is Aquapel Window Treatment?

Aquapel is a long-lasting glass treatment designed for professional application on windshields, side windows, rear windows, glass shower doors, or any other glass surface. It repels rain for significantly improved vision.

It makes clearing ice, snow, and even dirt easier. Reduces glare in rain, particularly at night. In other words, it is a permanent glass treatment that will keep your windshield clear of dirt and precipitation year-round.

The secret to Aquapel’s success is in its polymer technology. It uses a proprietary blend of polymers that form a durable, transparent barrier on the glass. When combined with Rain-X, the glass treatment will be even more effective at clearing rain, ice, and snow from your windshield.

The other function of Aquapel is its excellent visibility. In the last few years, it has been demonstrated that a clear glass surface is significantly more visible than a dirty windshield.

Aquapel is not only safe for your car’s windshield and side windows, but you should also use it to change an old window. Aquapel does not create condensation. It does not damage tinted windows. It will also not affect your headlight’s functionality.

Although Aquapel is a great window treatment for automotive glass, it can be used on other glass surfaces as well. Aquapel serves as an excellent way to permanently protect glass shower doors, entry doors, and even office windows that are exposed to the elements.

How Long Does Aquapel Need To Dry?

If the instructions on the Aquapel bottle are followed, it should take about 2-3 hours for the product to dry.

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