What Is Stiff Window Treatment?

What Is Stiff Window Treatment?

What Is Stiff Window Treatment?

Stiff window treatments are those made of hard materials like wood or vinyl. Blinds, shutters, and shades are examples. Soft window treatments are made of materials that are soft, such as fabric or textiles. Drapes, curtains, sheers, valances, swags, and Roman shades are examples.

This stiff window treatment helps in preventing energy loss in your home. It also provides protection to you and your family from UV rays, outside noise, and dust. They are very easy to maintain and clean. They have a long life span when cared for properly.

Since they do not require any kind of regular maintenance, they are perfect for people who do not have much time to spend cleaning their homes or people who cannot easily reach high places. They can be customized according to the size of your windows, type of windows, etc…

They can also be colored according to modern or traditional styles that suit your taste, in order for you to find the perfect match for your home decoration style but it may cost more than other treatments.

Stiff window treatments are more suitable for those who live on the second floor and do not need to upgrade the windows, people living on the 5th floor or higher will require upgrading their windows. Also, it is perfect for long windows since it has a wider span.

For example, a window that is 3-foot wide will require a stiff window treatment when there are obstacles in front of the windows it will be difficult to open. Stiff window treatments have a better perception when it comes to clearing rain, snow, rain ice, and dust as they prevent mold, they do not have holes and gaps that can cause water damage.

Since they are more secure than loose fabrics, they will reduce air leakage and help keep your home warmer in the wintertime. The disadvantage of using them is their high price. They are known to be the most expensive type of treatments available on the market because they are made of hard materials such as wood or vinyl and also because of the retail price.

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