What Is The Best Window Treatment For A Bathroom?

What Is The Best Window Treatment For A Bathroom?

What Is The Best Window Treatment For A Bathroom?

Bathroom window treatments must meet three criteria: durability, privacy, and light control. Faux wood blinds and shutters, roller shades, cellular shades, and vinyl shutters are all good options for your bathroom windows.

  1. Roller shades

If your window is in an area that you’d rather not have passersby look into, such as your bathroom, select a roller shade. This type of shade prevents visibility and pairs well with windows that are adjacent to doors or corridors.

You can also choose to operate it with an optional wall switch, hand-held control, handheld remote, or a phone app so you can open and close it when you want to.

  1. Shutters

Shutters are another great option for bathrooms because they block out most light and create privacy. They are made from durable wood or vinyl and come in both louvered styles and flat panels for maximum flexibility.

In addition, Louver Shop shutters are installed with a spring-loaded hanger rod that uses an over-center system for additional support to handle anything from the pressure of wind to the direct force of wind and debris.

  1. Cellular shades

Cellular shades are also ideal for bathrooms because they’re made from an opaque fabric that blocks light while still providing privacy. The tight weave of the fabric offers more privacy than pleated shades, but it still lets in more light than a curtain or roller shade.

They come in many different finishes and rolls can be made to fit any size window so you will have complete control over the amount of light and privacy you have inside your bathroom.

  1. Faux wood blinds and shutters

If you have a large window in your bathroom and are concerned about adding an appealing accent with faux wood shutters, Louver Shop offers them in a variety of styles. Our faux wood blinds are made from durable aluminum and feature a hanger rod to provide security for your window treatment.

And our louvered shutters have multiple operating systems so you can open or close them when you want to or add extra security with adjustable length rods that use an over-center system for added support.

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