What Is The Best Window Treatment For Arched Windows?

What Is The Best Window Treatment For Arched Windows?

What Is The Best Window Treatment For Arched Windows?

Drapes are a traditional window treatment for arched windows. They are timeless because there are numerous ways to dress up the windows, including pleated drapes, panel drapes, and valances. Drapery makes windows and ceilings appear taller and adds an airy feel to the room.

It also creates privacy by blocking out light. Here are just a few of the best window treatments for arched windows. For added security, installs in seconds with durable aluminum trim and a crank handle included with every Louver Shop rod window treatment.

  1. Roman Blinds

With an arched window, you can accentuate the arch with either paneled or pleated fabric blinds. If you like to change your window treatments seasonally, contemporary Roman blinds are a great choice because they can be left open all year long.

They’re also warm in cold climates and cool in warm climates because they block both heat and light in all seasons!

  1. Shades of honeycomb

If you have arched windows in a room with high ceilings, you will want to select shades of honeycomb. This type of shade has cells that fill with air and trap light, so you’ll have control over your energy costs and still maintain privacy.

In addition, it’s easy to operate with lead weights or cordless systems so you can open or close your blinds quickly and easily.

  1. Roller shades

If your windows are arched, select a roller shade from Louver Shop to complement them. This type of shade works with standard shades that are made to fit specific frame sizes. You can easily raise or lower your window treatments and with our six operating systems, you’ll be able to make sure they are positioned just right every time.

  1. Roman shades

Although they may appear similar, draperies over arched windows can be distinguished by their sheer or opaque look because they are treated differently than regular drapes. The sheer fabric is easier to see through than the opaque material but much more opaque than the open weave of a panel drape.

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