Green Roof Detail: All About Green Roof.

Green Roof Detail: All About Green Roof.

Green Roof Detail: All About Green Roof.

Green roof detail: Everything You Need To Know About Green Roofs

What is a green roof?

Simply put, a green roof is a system that is installed on an existing roof top covered by plants and other vegetation. A green roof naturally acts as an acoustic insulation, thermal insulation and fire retardation.

green roof detail

Green Roof Benefits

Some of the common benefits of green roofs are: improved energy efficiency, increased lifespan of the roof membrane, proper sound insulation, and many more. In more scientific terms, green roofs help filter and clean air, as well as retain storm water

What is a green roof?

Green roofs are becoming more and more common as society turns to being more environmentally mindful, not to mention it is aesthetically pleasing. Although there are hundreds of benefits to having a green roof, the installation process is very involved, even with a professional contractor. Whether the roof is installed in a residential settlement or on a skyscraper in town, there are a few vital features to consider:

Green Roof Features

  • Waterproofing layer:Of course this is the most important process. You need an additional waterproof and root-resistant layer installed to keep the roof structure undamaged and safe. A green roofing system that ends up leaking into the interior of the building can be detrimental to the structure and the people inside.
  • Drainage & Filter layer:The excess water on the roof needs to escape somehow as standing water can cause a problem in the long term. Be sure that the roof outlets are always clear of dirt and debris. You can even add pebbles at the entrance of the outlets to ensure no plant vegetation makes its way into the drainage system.
  • Soil Profile Layer:The perfect substrate for a green roof consists of low, lightweight nutrients. It should have a ratio of 30 percentage organic material and 70 percentage inorganic material. Soil that is too heavy, will contribute to the heavy load on the roof which you want to avoid as much as possible.
  • Vegetation Layer:Finally, the fun part. The type of plant you choose is dependent on whether you installed an extensive or intensive green roof. An extensive green roof plant choice(grasses, herbs, sedums) needs little to no maintenance with no irrigation system. An intensive green roof consists of vegetation(small trees and other deep rooting plant species) that needs professional maintenance and an irrigation system. You can tailor your choice to attract certain species of bird, bee or any other wildlife.

Green roof detail

How Does Green Roof Work?

A green roof naturally acts as an acoustic insulation, thermal insulation and fire retardation. Since the sun’s UV rays never get to reach your roof surface, the electricity used in your home to heat up or cool down is decreased, saving you money!

We give the green roofing system two thumbs up! They have great benefits but if not installed correctly, this can be a very costly repair. It pays to work with waterproofing and roofing professionals.

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Credit; Apex Waterproofing 

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