Construction Calculator : Cost of Construction in Kenya

Construction Calculator : Cost of Construction in Kenya

Construction Calculator : Cost of Construction in Kenya

Construction Cost: Key Cost Factors + Construction Calculator

Construction cost in Kenya usually varies depending on many factors such as the typography of land, size of the building and specification of materials among other elements.

Here are some key determinants of cost

Location of Location

Which area are you planning to build your house?  Well, the cost of construction varies whether it is an urban or rural set up area. Do you own a plot already? If you have a plot already then it is much cheaper than a person who is planning to buy a plot as well. If you are buying a plot, the secret is always locating the house in a desired area with a favorable climate and set up infrastructure.

Ground stability affects the cost. Building in black cotton areas is more expensive in red soil areas as it requires extensive exaction and backfilling

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The house plinth area

Plinth area is the covered built-up area measured at the floor level the house. Plinth area is also called as built-up area and is the entire area occupied by the building including internal and external walls.

Construction Cost

How does plinth area affect cost? The bigger the plinth area, the higher the cost. If plinth area is 80SQM (square metre) and the construction cost -rate of a locality is Ksh. 27,000/- per square meter, the approximate cost of a similar proposed building of 80 square meter plinth area shall be Ksh. 27,000 X 80 = Ksh. 2,160,000. This estimate is however, approximate and the actual cost may vary by up to 10% more or less. Change of location also causes slight variation due to increase or decrease in material transportation charges and labour. Plinth area rates depends on the type finishing.  .

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Type of finishes

Finishes includes interior and exterior works like wall finishes, floor, ceiling, lighting, fittings etc. The quality of finishes greatly determines the cost of building a house in Kenya. High quality finishes significantly increase construction costs. Total construction cost   ranges from standard of Ksh.27,000 per square metre to executive finishing of Ksh.37,000 per square metre

Construction cost

Laminate Flooring

Other house features

The internal and external features of a house are key determinants of building costs. Reducing the size and number of windows, for example, can lower your building costs while doing  high roof pitches can greatly increase your costs. For roofing, using materials like decra roofing instead of box profile mabati will have significant variance in cost.

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We have a Simplified Construction Cost Calculator for you below, use it to get project estimated cost!

How To Use The Construction Cost Calculator

Step 1:  Adjust the Plinth Area to estimated Total Area  of your upcoming house. E.g, 2 Bedroom = 60 Square Metres, 3 Bedroom  from 80 Square Metres, etc…

Step 2 : Choose the Type of Finishing, Roofing Type and Flooring Type.  Approximate project cost  will be indicated below this. 

Step 3:  You can also include contact details and submit


Approximate Project Cost

We are contacting you as soon as this Cost Estimate is received.

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