10 Main Roofing Problems and Solutions

10 Main Roofing Problems and Solutions

10 Main Roofing Problems and Solutions

Top 10 Main  Roofing Problems and Solutions

Taking care of your roofing is one of the most important tasks as a homeowner but it is often easy to neglect and forget about your roofing because it is not easily accessible The first adverse effect of neglecting your roof is that your roof will most likely begin to leak, and once it starts it only gets worse putting you and your family at risk.Roof problems and Solution

Here are top 10 roofing problem and how to avoid.

  • Poor installation and unsatisfactory workmanship

A faulty installation will increase the likelihood of problems and reduce a roof system’s life expectancy. Workmanship does tend to be one of the more common problems like leaking roof, deformed roof design etc.

Roofing problems and solutions

Make sure you use a qualified and experienced roofer for all of your work.

  • Critters.

Small animals, bats, birds and insect can cause a surprising amount of damage. It’s best to evict them before they get a foothold.

roofing problems and solutions

  •  Ponding Water

A common problem across all roof types is ‘incidental ponding water’. Water that ponds or stands on your roof is a sure sign of a problem. Common cause ranges from debris buildup to improper drainage of gutters and appliance like water heater solar.

Roof problems and Solution

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  •  Shrinkage and Blistering

Shrinkage is caused when the roof membrane (the stuff under the tiles) shrinks, most often causing cracks or crazing in the upper layer. Blistering, ridging, splitting, and surface erosion of shingles can eventually lead to bigger problems.

  • Trees.

Overhanging tree limbs can rub on a roof, abrading the surface of the roof and sometimes wearing away the protective top layer. Branches can also fall on the roof creating even more serious damage.

Tree limbs should be trimmed back away from the roof as much as possible and if a tree is close enough to pose a threat to your home, it should be removed

  • Guttering issues

Caring for the guttering is a crucial part of the roof maintenance because if guttering is filled with debris, it can pull off the roof and cause a weakness.

Roof problems and Solution

The debris in the guttering can also lead to rusting and decay of the materials if they lie against them for long periods of time.

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  • Poorly Ventilated Attic.

Your roof’s lifespan can quickly be shortened if your attic is not insulated properly. When your attic gets too hot over the hot seasons, tiles especially shingles type of roofing materials, it causes curling. Curling is caused by a lack of ventilation, high nails, or improperly installed fasteners. They look minor and are an open invitation for water seepage.

  • Strong Winds

High winds are common in some areas and can be devastating to roofs. A single loose tile that is whipped off in the wind can quickly lead to a hole in the roof and if the wind comes with rain or snow, then a major leak is underway.

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  •  Improperly Installed Flashing

Flashing is located around vents, chimney and the edge of your roof – all of these areas can allow water to seep in for damage to develop.

Flashing is what seals the areas where your roof has been penetrated i.e. vent pipes, chimneys. When poorly attached, it causes open seams and laps and ultimately cause tiles to blow-off.

  • Improper or Lack of Maintenance.

roofing problems and solutions

This probably a roof’s worst enemy. Many problems start out as minor, such as the need to remove overhanging tree limbs or cleaning backed up gutters.

Routine inspection and maintenance can extend the life of your roof and that can save you a lot of money.

One of the best ways to prevent avoidable problems with your roofing is to only work with reputable companies.

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