Modern Biodigester in Kenya: Key Advantages of Biodigester

Modern Biodigester in Kenya: Key Advantages of Biodigester

Modern Biodigester in Kenya: Key Advantages of Biodigester



The most reliable and ideal solid waste management system for your home or any premises. Te Biodigester System is made up of :
✔️A Biodigester Tank
✔️A Soak-age or French Drain

How does the Biodigester System Work?

Biodigesters use the principle of:
✔️DISPLACEMENT which ensures that equal volume of water flushed from the toilet is equal to the water that is displaced from the biodigester to the soakage.

✔️BIODEGRATION- This Process completely breaks down organic matter ( waste from the toilet) into water, carbon dioxide, methane & nitrogen. Enzymes are used to speed up the growth of bacteria which consequently speeds up the rate of reaction.

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The Soakage/ French Drain

This is where the water discharged from the biodigester goes into. To make sure it is effective, the following have to be considered:
1. The length of the French drain.
2. The type of soil

Advantages of Biodigester System

Advantages of a Biodigester

Here are some of the advantages of biodigester as an  on-site sanitation system.

  1. Biodigester Cost Cheaper Compared to Septic Tank

The biodigester tank is actually cheaper to install than the cost of constructing a traditional septic tank. On the site, one needs to excavate a hole that is 1.1 meters deep and some trenches. The inspection chambers or manholes required are also few.

2. Biodigester system occupies much less space

Traditional septic tanks require a much deeper hole and that comes with high costs of excavation. Excavation is also very tricky and expensive in areas that have  a lot of rocks, swampy areas or areas with high water tables as well as areas that have very loose soil.

3. Require Little or No Maintenance-(no exhausting)

Exhausting a septic tank is the process of draining it when it is full. This an added expense, not to mention how messy and potentially hazardous it can be.The Biodigester  on the other hand does not need exhausting. This alone makes the biodigester the best option for dealing with sewer.

4. Smell Free

This on-site waste management system does not emit any smell whatsoever. Septic tanks  on the other hand emit a lot of bad smell because gases are released into the atmosphere.

5. Safe on the Environment

The biodigester enhances the environment in many ways and has no health hazards. One is that the water that is produced is usually safe to be released to the environment. It is soaked back  into the ground and therefore increases  the amount of water found underground. Secondly, the same water, which  is rich in nitrogen and other nutrients can also be used for irrigation or watering gardens. This enhances the fertility of the soil.

6. Guaranteed of Working System

The on-site sewer system comes with a 3 year post installation warranty from the installer which covers  any defects. But it can be used for more than 30years.

6. Approved by NEMA

The biodigester has been fully approved and recommended by NEMA (National Environmental Management Authority).  The biodigester has been in use in Kenya for over 17 years without any major issues.

Sizes of The Biodigester Septic Tanks

There are 3 different types of biodigester septic tanks available, based on size.

The Standard Biodigester – This is the smallest size and it can handle between 1-30 people (continuous users). This is the best size for residential properties and small commercial establishments.

Medium Biodigester – The medium size biodigester can easily handle 30-120 people (continuous users) and is therefore ideal for mid-size establishments, apartment blocks, hotels, farms and small gated communities.

Large Biodigester – This is the biggest size available for 120  continuous users or more. This is great for much bigger establishments, estates, shopping malls, hotels, schools, hospitals and blocks of flats.


Biodigester can be installed in ;
1. Schools
2. Farms
3. Residential
4. Gated community
5. Petrol station
6. Churches                                                                                                                                                                          7. Commercial Buildings

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