Biodigester Toilet & Why you need it in Your Home| Expert View

Biodigester Toilet & Why you need it in Your Home|  Expert View

Biodigester Toilet & Why you need it in Your Home| Expert View

Biodigester Toilet : Modern Waste Management System

A biodigester Toilet Tank is a waste and sewerage management and treatment system. The system is fast becoming a go-for waste water management and has been used in well-established waste water treatment firms, water and sewage companies, several municipalities, schools, slaughter houses and commercial and residential estates. Many have testified on how the process has helped them manage their waste.

Biodigester Toilet

Biodigester Toilet system in Kenya an excellent human waste management system that promotes creation of cleaner and healthier environment.  The system is used for both residential and commercial buildings, schools, Hotels, malls, churches etc.  Biodigester unlike, the normal septic tanks, is an onsite waste management tool that digests solid and liquid wastes and then released to the environment as safe by-product.

Biodigester Construction Cost

The cost of setting up a biodigester toilet system varies greatly depending on whether it is for home use or commercial purposes and depends on the number of users. It ranges from Ksh.  70,000 for small homes biodigester toilet system to over Ksh. 400,000 for big commercial buildings. The price is subjected to change depending on the site topography, type of soil and size in terms of capacity in cubic metres. The basic things needed are a tank, pipes and most importantly the bacterial enzymes chemicals. The materials are locally available all over the country. Be sure to hire qualified personnel to ensure proper installation and maximize durability.

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 Advantages of Biodigester septic Tank

Advantages of a Biodigester

Biodigester installation is pocket-friendly

Installing a biodigester toilet  tank is cheaper than old septic tank. Currently, biodigester toilet tank cost of installation starts from Ksh. 70,000

Biodigester Creates Better Environment

A biodigester toilet tank changes the environment in so many ways. It produces no foul smell. The water soaks into the surrounding soil, thereby increasing the amount of underground water. As a result, soil fertility raises and crop production improves. In addition, there is no wastewater discharge in the streets making it cleaner and most importantly safe.

Biodigester has a strong Structure and Design

The biodigester septic tank is built from reinforced concrete. In addition, most biodigester toilet  tanks are small and circular in shape. It therefore can hold pressure and stress without cracking therefore very reliable.

The tank structural design is well thought out so as to ensure effectiveness and durability.

Biodigester Toilet Saves on Space

In addition to this, the biodigester septic tank takes up relatively small space

Types of Biodigester Toilet  Tank

The difference in the biodigester tanks is based on the size. The 3 types are:

Standard biodigester: A standard biodigester tank is the smallest tank available. It has the capacity to manage waste for upto 30 users.

Medium  Biodigester:  It is of moderate size and has the capacity to hold waste upto 120 people. For this reason, it is ideal for hotels, mid-size properties, apartments and small gated communities.

Large Biodigester: This is the biggest tank in the market. It can hold waste of  to over 120 users. It is suitable for big establishments, shopping malls, big hotels, hospitals, schools and estates.

Biodigester Toilet

The tank structural design is well thought out so as to ensure effectiveness and durability. Most design implies the power of gravity.

The biodigester septic system has three parts:

  • Grease interceptor
  • Biodigester  Toilet tank
  • Soakage drain.

Biodigester Toilet

Grease Interceptor

The drainage system from the house carries waste water, classified as either grey water or black water. Blackwater is sewage that has come into contact with toilet (faecal matter). On the other hand, grey water is sewage from kitchen sink and bathrooms.

Greywater has a lot of oils, fats, grease and detergents. As a result, it is chemically unstable. For this reason, it passes over the biodigester tank and goes through the grease interceptor to remove the oils. This is because the oils can be harmful to the environment. After this, the oil-free water goes to the soak pit.

Biodigester Toilet Tank

On the other hand, black water is directed into the biodigester tank. The already present anaerobic bacteria feed on the solid waste getting rid it of the waste and pathogens. The solid waste left settles at the bottom of the biodigester tank through sedimentation. Clear water through displacement goes to the soakage drain then percolates into the ground.

Biodigester Toilet

Soakage Drain

Displaced water from the tank goes to the soak pit where it soaks away to the ground . The water  is about 98 per cent clean and free of pathogens. The water has a fertilizer effect, therefore, can replace inorganic fertilizers. As a result, it is great for use in irrigation purposes. However, it is not for human or animal consumption or cleaning in the house. This requires additional treating.

It is important to note that disposing non-degradable waste materials into the system is will affect the effectiveness of the system. Some of these materials include cigarette butts, sanitary pads, and condoms among others. If they disposed into the system, the system will block or fill up.

In addition, some cleaning detergents like phenyl are not appropriate for use. This is because they can harm the bacteria in the tank making it less effective. Replace them with the recommended cleaning detergents. Other liquids like paint and solvents can also harm the bacteria.

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Biodigester Toilet

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