Biodigesters : Modern Human Solid Waste Management

Biodigesters : Modern Human Solid Waste Management

Biodigesters : Modern Human Solid Waste Management

Biodigesters: Modern Human Solid Waste Management

What is a Biodigester?

Biodigesters system  is a system that utilizes organic waste, particularly animal and human excreta  and digests  these organic material biologically  to produce water and  biogas. A biodigester consists of an airtight container that inhibits anaerobic bacteria  microorganisms  that breaks down the the waste. The fermentation process is anaerobic which  takes place without oxygen and the bacteria responsible for decomposition are methanogenic. The processed waste is an organic pathogen-free water that is rich in nitrogen.

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Many people think of a biodigesters  are tanks that digests, anaerobically, without air, organic material and produces methane gas for cooking, lighting and heating. While this is true however, for a Biodigester to produce enough methane to make it practical for cooking alone, it would require all the household waste and toilet waste plus more manure from large farm animals. Most standard biodigesters  tanks produces 25.5 g of methane per user per day, which is not enough even for cooking a one-pot evening meal. These  biodigesters  therefore are mainly for human solid waste management.

Biodigesters are however, superb solutions for urban human waste management in areas where the sewage infrastructure system is not available. In rural areas,  biodigesters  can be used  where there is adequate animal manure with the main purpose of  biogas production .  To produce 1 m3 of  biogas, to cook 3 meals daily for a small family of 4 you need at least 5 litres of pig manure/day. 8 large pigs (breeding adults) will produce 5+ litres/day. An example of a simple biodigester for animal manure is shown below.

A simple home-made family Biodigester System

What is a Biodigesters

‘A typical simple biodigester is shown above.

Biodigesters for Waste Management

Biodigseters are the best  waste water management option as it is a complete on-site sewer system, handling both grey and black water.

Biodigester system use biodegradation process to break down organic matter to produce methane gas and carbon dioxide. The natural aerobic and anaerobic bacteria acts on solid waste to completely bio-degrade ensuring that what remain is water and biogas.  Water produced is released to the environment via French Drain.

Advantages of Biodigesters


Biodigester can be installed in;
1. Schools

2. Farms

3. Residential

4. Gated community

5. Petrol station

6. Churches                                                                                                                                                                 

 7. Commercial Buildings

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