Monitoring and Control of Projects  :  6 Key Indicators You Must Monitor in Your Construction Project.

Monitoring and Control of Projects  :  6 Key Indicators You Must Monitor in Your Construction Project.

Monitoring and Control of Projects  :  6 Key Indicators You Must Monitor in Your Construction Project.

Monitoring and Control of Projects :  6 Key Indicators You Must Monitor in Your Construction Project.

For a project to be successful, it must meet required standard quality within the time and budget set. It is important for one to start early, from inception to keenly monitor the project. A developer should monitor every step of the process to ensure the contractor is following the contract and everything turns out as expected.

Monitoring and Control of Projects

1) Cost Control

The cost of construction should be monitored keenly. The detailed cost of the project should be adopted to be the project budget, which is used as a baseline for assessment of financial performance during the construction period. All members of the project should stick to the working plans and specifications of the project unless there is another order agreed by all parties.
Any additional or omission should be measured and estimated using the initial rate.

2) Time

The contractor must have a work program that is followed by all. Construction typically must have deadline for work completion. Even in construction time is money, the more the delay in completing the project the higher the cost of goes. All members of the project team should adhere to the work schedule to avoid unnecessary and expensive delay. The duration of work must be monitored and compared to the expected duration.


High quality of workmanship is a must for a successful project. This quality must be measured against a standard set benchmark apart from the visible parameters, like finishes, structural soundness. When monitoring a project also look into other aspects like circulation of air, efficiency, aesthetics and functionality of the rooms and by extension the building itself. Always have a qualified person to help you with supervision, normally the architect, engineer or any other qualified person.

4) For Record Purpose.

Have a record of all transactions done since commencement of the project. Proper and well organize record will help you to keep progress of all your transaction.
You will be able to know the date of money spent and for what. Good records acts as reference for future purchase. Instruction Book should be purchased and availed onsite. All instructions communicated by consultants should be recorded on this book. This instruction book should be filled in triplicate.

5) For Coordination and Communication.

There should be scheduled weekly or bi-weekly meetings with all consultants and the contractor.
Communication between the client, builder and consultants should be open and clear. Regular site meeting helps to coordinate different teams working on the project to ensure there is team work. As a client you should be doing your individual and frequent visits to site.

7) Security

his is an important factor in usefully completion of a project. If you are the one buying materials then you know how serious pilferage of materials can negatively affect your cost and timelines. Lack of proper security can also affect the timelines. As the project is going on you must always ensure that the site is secure both day and night. Ensure that the materials on site are safe. More vigilance is needed when you start finishes and fittings.


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