Concrete and Wood House Compared: Which is the Best

Concrete and Wood House Compared: Which is the Best

Concrete and Wood House Compared: Which is the Best

Concrete and Wood House Compared.

Concrete and wood houses have been used in construction for thousands of years and for good reason. Both materials have properties that make them appealing building materials.

Here we compare the two materials:

Wood/Timber House Construction

Wood is light and it allows for quick and easy construction without the hustle of hiring heavy machinery and large cash injections. But, like any building material, it has its own pros and cons.

Pros of Wood Construction

  • Faster

Wood frame homes can be put together much faster than concrete homes. Entire homes can be constructed in a factory and simply transferred to the building site for the final construction process.

  • Cost-effective

Building with wood generally results in a 30% quicker turnaround time which means less expenses on your part.

  • Easy to remodel

It is much simpler and less expensive to add features such as windows and doors to wooden homes than it is to concrete structures.

Cons of wood construction

  • Termite non-resistant

Because termites love wood, wood frame homes are more likely to have termite problems than concrete homes.

  • Less resistant to moisture

Though most wood frame are wrapped in a moisture resistant material, moisture finds its way in through small openings. If this happens much more damage is done to wood than a brick and mortar wall.

Concrete Home Construction

Concrete house construction has long been home design for many reasons. Some of which include structural benefits and low-maintenance living. It also has some pros and cons:

Pros of concrete construction

  • Moisture resistance

Concrete walls have the ability to soak up small amounts of water that may find its way through the plaster. Meaning your interior is less likely to get damaged over time.

  • Energy efficient

In most cases, homes built with concrete walls require a lot less energy to heat and cool than wooden structures.

  • Healthier indoor environment

Because concrete homes are not made primarily of organic materials, they are less likely to support the growth of mould.

Cons of concrete construction

  • Less cost-effective

Because concrete construction involves the use of heavy materials, they require deep foundations. This means that there will be more building costs involved.

  • Longer Construction time

Concrete houses are much more labour intensive to build than wooden homes. Not only does this make them expensive but it also makes the building process much slower.


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