Fasteners: Types of Common Fasteners

Fasteners: Types of Common Fasteners

Fasteners: Types of Common Fasteners

Fasteners: Types of Common Fasteners



Bolts are usually used alongside nuts in different finish and also every so often using a washer also. All these are designed to be threaded spans made from steel sticks with heads on single conclusion

Bolts are made of four kinds such as accessories bolt, and Cap screw, hex bolts along with Plow bolts.



A Nut; Source: Istock

Nuts are flat steel bits, typically hexagonal in form with internally trimmed threads. Hex nuts, Square Nuts and Castle noodles are some of the most Widely Used forms


Washers are primarily broken into types specifically a washer or apartment washer and split lock washer and dryer. Plain washers are usually steel discs having a hole at the middle. These kinds are utilized to lessen the stress within the bolts and buts. They’re spread out a clamping force directly from the spool to length slots so as to oversize the holes from the timber.

Helical spring washers or lock washers are typically manufactured from rough spring steel and put in beneath the nut or bolt. They can be used to shield nuts from turning.


Nails are another steel rod which are normally pointed towards one end and with a head in the opposite end.    Nails are mainly utilized to join timber collectively. The dimension of this nail is usually referred with regard to “inches”

Frequent nails, box nails, steel nails; duplex nails and roofing nails are some common kinds of nails utilized.


Much like bolts, screws also are threaded lengths of rods made from steel having a mind on one end. Woodscrews  for examples are used for joining wood, fastening ironwork to wood, fastening hardware (hinges, locks, catches) to wood. The spiral thread of the screw turns its way into the wood to become firmly embedded in the fibres. A thread is formed in the wood and enables screws to be removed and replaced if required.


The heads of the twist can be slotetd, square, cross legged or hexagonal. Kinds of screws comprise: Slotted Roundhead , Phillips Drive Slotted Flathead, ,Slotted Oval Head and Square Drive

A screw consists of a Slot, the Head, the Gauge, the Shank, the Thread and the Point.





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