Uses of Aluminium; Top 4 Common Uses of Aluminium

Uses of Aluminium; Top 4 Common Uses of Aluminium

Uses of Aluminium; Top 4 Common Uses of Aluminium

Uses of Aluminium: Aluminium is the is known to be one of the most abundant elements on earth and extremely versatility when compared with other metal compare. Aluminium is commonly used in a lot of different sectors and industries. It is quite popular because of the following properties:

Uses of Aluminium

Properties of Aluminium

  • Strength
  • Durability
  • Lightweight
  • Ductile
  • Malleable
  • Odourless
  • Resistant to any corrosion
  • Conductive
  • Non combustible

Aluminium metal can recycled 100% with none of its natural properties getting lost. The process of recycling only needs 5% of the energy required to produce new material from the start hence costs is saved.

With its properties, aluminium metal can be conveniently used in many industries including transportation, architectural, consumer goods, and electrical products.

Uses of Aluminium


Aluminium is used for in transportation because of its weight and strength. With lighter weight, it is easier for the vehicle to manoeuvre and drive, leading to better fuel efficiency.

Again, aluminium is ideal for aircrafts, including commercial aircrafts that are produced en masse. It isn’t just the primary material used for the aircraft shell, but for the seats, too, as it reduces the weight and saves fuel spend.

The automotive industry relies heavily on the use of aluminium and steel as it gives them fuel efficiency and manages to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. It allows developers to reduce the weight of trains to cut down on friction resistance.

Beverage Containers & Other Consumer goods

Aluminium is commonly used for packaging of processed consumer goods such as beverages because aluminium can withstand the carbonation pressure inside the can. Again, it is versatile and thus can be shaped easily. It does not rust as well it.

Aluminium is also the easier metal to handle, this makes it easy to be used in the production of different consumer goods Ranging from laptops. flat screen TVs, smartphones, tablets and even some household item like utensils.

Windows & Doors

Aluminium has superior thermal efficiency and therefore doors and windows made using this metal meet required energy efficiency standards. It’s durability, strong, and a great longterm use as because it doesn’t require maintenance and it also quarantine lifetime use.

aluminium sliding windows

Image of aluminium sliding windows: Source: Alibaba


Auminium is ideal for construction applications because of strength and lightweight properties. These means that aluminium it can be fixed to buildings with less fixings than steel. Because it is a good radiator is can be used as both the cladding panels as sheet and the panel framework as extrusion, and it requires minimal maintenance.

Because of its ease to fabricate, it is easy to cut, curved, punched and folded to the desired style and look of the builder’s needs. This allows the modern builders to have freedom in creating a building that they desire and achieve necessary surface treatment


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