Floor Tiles Prices: Tiles Prices & Details for Your Upcoming Project: Buyers Guide.

Floor Tiles Prices:  Tiles Prices & Details for Your Upcoming Project: Buyers Guide.

Floor Tiles Prices: Tiles Prices & Details for Your Upcoming Project: Buyers Guide.

Floor Tiles Prices: Most of the tiles in Kenya are imported. China imports are the most popular because of price and quantity. India tiles are a favorite for decorative purposes, though relatively expensive. Many Kenyans tend to trust the imported tiles more than the local.

Floor Tiles Prices

What are the Main Types of Floor & Wall Tiles?

  • Ceramic
  • Porcelain
  • PVC
  • Others include: glazed, marble, quartz stone, quarry, pebble, Islamic, mosaic, and glass tiles.
Tiles in Kenya

Marble Floor Tiles

We highlight the most common tiles: Ceramic & Porcelain Tiles

Ceramic tiles.

Ceramic tiles are more affordable and are recommended for home-use with the majority of buyers being home owners and affordable-housing developers. They are easy to install and come in a variety of designs and patterns making it easy to achieve a desired pattern and aesthetic appeal.

Porcelain tiles.

These tiles are known for their high-quality heavy-duty nature with wonderful designs and good prices. They are easy to install and you get a lifetime guarantee of service. The one outstanding feature about these tiles is that they are a world-class brand with guaranteed quality. They are easy to install and are durable with low water absorption rates.

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How are Tiles Classified?

  • By Size in Centimeters E.g. Common sizes are :20*30, 30*30, 40*40, 60*60,100*100
  • By Texture / Material – Ceramic, PVC and Porcelain
  • By Origin – Local, China and India
  • By Purpose – Floor tiles, Border tiles, Bathroom tiles, Wall tiles
  • By Company – Twyford, Saj and more.

Floor Tiles Prices

Who are Some of The Major Suppliers in Nairobi

  • SAJ Ceramics – located on Mombasa Rd near City Cabanas Stage.
  • Ideal Ceramics – Opposite Sameer Business park, Mombasa road
  • Tiles & Carpets (T&C) – Parkside Towers Mombasa Road
  • Goodone – Mombasa Road
  • RAK Ceramics – Kitui Road, Off Kampala Road, Industrial Area
  • Twyford – Mombasa Road

What Are Some Current Retail Prices?


Tile measurements   Market Prices (Kshs)
30*30 Ceramic per box          650-750 Per Box
60*60 Porcelain per box           1400 – 2100 Per Box
20*30 Ceramic per box           600 – 650 Per Box
40*40 Porcelain per box           1000 – 1800 Per Box
PVC Tile 30*30 per piece             55 Per piece


 Prices vary with the type of supplier e.g. Twyford, Goodone and such

Which is the Popular Kind of Tiles?

  • Chinese – Because they are cheaper
  • Floor Tiles – Because many paint their walls rather than tile.
  • 30 by 30 Twyford Ceramic Tiles – Because there are more pieces in a box and thus cover a bigger area.
  • Ceramic tiles – Because they have been in the market longer, are cheaper and readily available.
  • Brand popularity at times depends on the location.

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Most Important Things to Consider When Purchasing Tile

Many homeowners are first attracted to the design, and then ask for the price. It is good to compare details such as the tiles in each box, reputation of brands, quality and such. Others include design, quantity…

Whichever the supplier you choose, it is important to consider the following factors while shopping for tiles:

Purpose/Use of the floor

It is important to have the right tile for the right space. For instance, heavy traffic areas require versatile durable brands with good wear and tear response. Bathrooms require rough-textured tiles or those with anti-slip finishes to prevent falls. Outdoor areas require durable.

Water Resistant Tiles

Additionally, tiles meant for wall and ceiling applications should be those that are made from lightweight materials such as perlite, wood and mineral wool.

Size of The Space

Big tiles are suitable for big areas while small or long format tiles are suitable for narrow or small areas. The less pieces you use, the fewer the joints will be and the less cutting and wastage that will occur in the installation process.

Available Budget

Construction projects are capital intensive and failure to adhere to a budget may delay the project or lead to its discontinuation altogether. Ceramic tiles are cheaper than porcelain tiles but are not as durable.

Sometime however a compromise is made to go for less expensive tiles depending on the project’s budget.

The Quality of The Tiles

High quality tiles provide good value for money and ensure a high-quality project.

Availability of The Tiles

Big projects like malls will require many tiles. It is important to choose a tile that will be easily available throughout the entire construction period and in the long-term maintenance and repair activities.


How Many Tiles in a Square Metre (M2)?

Here is how to calculate the number of tiles:  Let’s use 30 x 30 cm tiles. Dimensions of the tile width and height are in centimeters measurements, which equates to 30cm x 30cm tiles.

Step 1:

Multiply the width and height of one tile. So, in this case the area of one tile is:

30cm x 30cm =


Then, change it to M2.

1M2= 10000cm2, t

therefore 900cm2 = 0.09M2

Step 2:

Divide 1M2 by the area of one tile to give you the number of 30cm x 30cm tiles in a m2:

That is,

1 tile = 0.09M2, How about 1M2

1×1/0.09 = 11.11 Tiles

Step 3:

It is only possible to buy whole tiles; therefore, you need to round up 11.11 tiles to 12 tiles

Therefore 12 tiles required per M2.


When doing for the whole room, ensure to including extra for wall skirting and breakages

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