New Home Construction: 7 Simple Things Everyone Should Know About New Home Construction

New Home Construction:  7 Simple Things Everyone Should Know About New Home Construction

New Home Construction: 7 Simple Things Everyone Should Know About New Home Construction

New Home Construction: Constructing your home from the ground up can be an extremely  challenging yet  it is also a rewarding experience. It provides you with the opportunity to customize your house to suit your tastes and also needs both currently as well as in the future. But as someone who been in the industry for long,  it can  sometimes  be a greatly difficult as well as time-consuming process.

Though the process of constructing a house cannot be  flawless procedure,  you need to begin the process with your eyes open as well as a having a good plan and knowledge. This  can save you heartache along the road.

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Below we have top 7 tips a for to help you have a  pain-free home construction process..

New Home Construction

1. You Need to Have Your  Plan in Place

Planning is the most fundamental part of the construction process. Make sure you carefully plan the details of your home such as ; How will the room arrangement be ? How about the general outlook? What materials will I be using for walling? the type of mabati? What sort of lights will I use? And many more…

You’ll additionally need  to begin keeping track of floor layout ideas that inspires you. Think about starting a Pinterest board for every idea of your upcoming residence and file examples of your favorite to designs. In addition to inspiring your plan, this Pinterest board ideas will be a great point of reference to guide your contractor before building is underway.

2.Budget More than Estimated

There might be  some of the materials that aren’t included  in the price quote from your contractor.  You’ll likewise require to take into account preliminary cost like cost of the designs plans, approval fees, site clearance, logistics, which are the expenses associated with preparing your project for building and construction.

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Any alterations in the construction process will also impact on the cost, therefore resulting in additional cost.

3. Pick the Right Contractor

This may be one of the most crucial decisions you will  make in the house building process. Whichever home builder you choose, you’re most likely to be dealing with them for several months or even years. It’s vital to get the choice right at the outset to avoid problems in the future.

There are several ways you need to consider when choosing a home builder:

Credentials of the contractor

Check to it your contractor is Fully Accredited a by relevant authorities. You’ll need to check whether building contractor is registered with National Constructions Authority


Look into the contractors past work.  Were previous clients pleased? Don’t hesitate to ask the  contractor for referrals prior to you signing a contract. Check online to verify that there are no complaints against the Contractor you choose.

Previous job.

Have a close look at some of the homes the builder has constructed in the past. Make sure the level of quality is high.


As mentioned  earlier, you’ll be working with your building contractor for a number of months. If a contractor doesn’t connect well with you, it’s most likely they do not connect well with their work either.


If a building contractor is outside your budget, all of this is subject for discussion.

4. Understand your Agreement

Thoroughly review the contract with your contractor and  ensure you understand its contents.  Check to it you’re not taken by surprise by what the building and construction costs cover and also what they do not cover.

It’s crucial to have a legal representative to review over the contract before you sign. Make sure any variations to the agreement are well recorded and equally agreed upon.

5. Get your Finances in Order

Considering that building home requires substantial investment, you need to have saved enough to avoid your project stalling.

Again, possibilities are you’ll require a construction funding/mortgage to finance the project.  Before you seek funding, ensure you have a comprehensive strategy in place how your home mortgage will be paid.

Most Mortgage Loan providers may require at least a 20% deposit due to the fact that construction car loans can be seen as inherently riskier.

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6. Communicate  Frequently

Throughout the building process, communicate with your contractor as well as suppliers frequently. Get routine updates on the development of building, and get to see the work yourself.  It’s a great idea to take pictures of the development often so you can document any kind of trouble areas.

With good interaction, however, you must be able to avoid or minimize disagreements during the construction period

7. Look for Opportunities to Save

Constructing a house is an expensive process and as mention earlier, you can pay more than estimated. That said, there are many ways that you can save money.  You can check around for the best prices on fixtures, fittings and materials your contractor will use. Get several quotes for materials needed during the project implementation.

You can also save money at the start of the process by choosing a location that takes less preparation. Clearing bush, road maintenance, social amenities can end up being costly.

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