Types of Epoxy Paints

Types of Epoxy Paints

Types of Epoxy Paints

Types of Epoxy Paints

There are several epoxy paints available; Here are some options;

  • Solid epoxy

Epoxy that is solid is the purest form of epoxy. It doesn’t contain solvents that evaporate. These products are expensive and difficult to handle because they harden very rapidly. Should be applied by a professional.

Types of Epoxy Paints

  • Solvent-base epoxy

Solvent-base epoxies penetrate the concrete surface and adhere well. The solvents are powerful and potentially hazardous, you must wear a respirator when applying the finish. You’ll also need to ventilate the rooms where applied and keep people away from the site.

  • Water-base epoxy

Like solvent-base epoxies, water-base epoxies also contain from 40 to 60 percent solids.

The benefit of this type of epoxy is there are no hazardous solvent fumes,and are becoming increasingly popular alternatives to solvent-based finishes.

  • Pre-tinted and metallic epoxy floor coatings

Expand decorating options—especially when it comes to stylish flooring inside and outside living areas. Some epoxy floor coating systems provide colored flakes, which are scattered as the second layer of coating is applied, to create speckled patterns in the surface.

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