Water Leakage Problem in Buildings: Major Causes & Solutions of Water Leakage

Water Leakage Problem in Buildings: Major Causes & Solutions of Water Leakage

Water Leakage Problem in Buildings: Major Causes & Solutions of Water Leakage

Water Leakage Problem in Buildings: Major Causes & Solutions of Water Leakage Buildings

What is Water Leakage?

Water leakage is where the water from inside or outside the structure seeps through the porouse section structure  problem is It is very difficult to pin-point exact cause as well as the sources of leakage of water in the building. Water passes through labyrinth of porosity channels of capillary as well as air voids which are invisible and which are difficult to track down to their routes.

Causes of Water leakage problem in Buildings

The water  leakage is quite common in many buildings  today.  It is usually important to  check the  possible causes of leakages before taking up remedial measures and actions.

Generally ingest  of water in structures can be  through many ways:  It can be from below -subsoil water  through soil and masonry by capillary action.  It can also be from above  external sources are such as rain/storm. Rain water and/or Water pressure exerted on structural members and their inability to withstand the same. Water from inside the building owning to improper water supply, sewerage and drainage installations. Internal water sources such as leaking pipes/ improper fittings, joints…

Here are possible causes of water leakage problems in buildings;

Structural Causes of Water Leakage

  1. Cracks on the top surface of slab, due to various reasons including inadequate design of the slab.
  2. Cracks on the bottom of slab due to excess deflection of slab, due to overloading or improper design.
  3. Cracks due to differential settlement of foundations of a building.
  4. Cracks formed in the RCC slab, beam, walls due to poor design, deficiency, over loading or poor workmanship resulting in honey combing etc
  5. Cracks due to thermal extremes, expansion- contraction, shrinkage, creep incl aggressive climatic conditions and lack of joints.
  6. Cracks due to vegetation growth
  7. Cracks due to absence of structural elements like lintels, sill etc

  Non-Structural Causes of Water Leakage Problems

  • Poor Workmanship:
    • Slope not Proper – Defective Gradient of Terrace:
    • Defective Waterproofing
  • Extreme Weather Conditions
  • Sub Standard Work Practices
  • Holes in Masonry Made for Scaffolding
  • Breakage of Walls for Installation of Air Conditioners:
  • Mechanical installations like cooling towers, AC units etc., on the terrace
  • Poor Quality of Materials
  • Poor Quality of Bricks and Plaster
  • Use of Porous Finishes and Brickwork on Exterior Walls
  • Trapped Water Problems
  • No Waterproofing in Sunken Slabs of Toilets
  • Balcony Without Waterproofing
  • Joints Between Flooring Tiles
  • No Plinth Protection
  • Damp Proof Course not Provided or If Provided not Effective
  • Leakage of Water from Water Storage Tanks
  • Poor Plumbing workwater leakage problem
  • Inadequate rain water pipes, improper drainage
  • Laying soil pipe / G.I. pipe below the floor.
  • Minimum depth of water seal in various types of traps not maintained.
  • Improper joints of water supply lines, water supply fittings etc.
  • Incorrect placement of overflow pipe in overhead tanks.
  • Improper slopes in floors and sanitary pipes and lack of adequate drainage pipes.
  • Huge pressure in running water may cause leakage through joints if not done properly.
  • No rain water outlets in balcony
  • Chocked Pipes maybe because of Solid Wastes in WC’s
  • Poor Maintenance of drainage systemwater leakage problem

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